St. Paul Former Fire Station_ 13 (1894-1978) and Apparatus

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St. Paul Former Station 13 (1894-1978)
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: Steve A. Skaar


924 Hampden at n.w. cor. Raymond


Station faces South

Currently (2004) used as a private residence

  • Hampden at n.w. cor. Raymond.
  • 1895-1978 - Engine 13


Photo source: Unknown

  Map of Station location from 1926 Sanborn Maps, Vol. 6, Sheet 528
Click here for a .PDF of the full map sheet  

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

Engine 13,  1885 Clapp & Jones, Engine Extra 1st Class, 3-Horse hitch, Serial #464, 1,100-gpm and Hose 13 are shown here in 1908.  

Photo source: Minnesota Historical Society

Engine 13,  1905 American-LaFrance, Engine "Metropolitan" 2nd Class, 3-Horse hitch, Serial #3045, 700-gpm, the last of an era, ushered out the horses of the St. Paul Fire Departmen.  

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

  Former Station 13  

Photo source: Paul Barret

  Station 13 at it looked about 1970 with Engine 13's 1955 International/Howe 1500gpm pumper visible in the apparatus bay.  

Photo source: Duane Troxel Collection

Engine 13,  1951 Mack Semi-open, 1000 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 95LS 1229  
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 1

Photo source: Unknown

Engine 13,  1955 International HR-152/Howe Semi-open, 1500 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 9705, Cab enclosed 1967, Shop# 217  
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 8
  • Engine 20

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