St. Paul Former Fire Station_ 3 (1872-1956) and Apparatus

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St. Paul Former Station 3 (1872-1956)
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: StPFD Relief Assoc,. (Hennessey)


#1 Leech at s.w. cor. Ramsey


Station faces East

  • Hope Eng. 3 - 1872-1877
  • Aetna Eng. 3 - 1877
  • St.P.F.D. Eng. 3 - 1877-1965


Photo source: Unknown

Engine 3,  1905 American-LaFrance, Engine "Metropolitan" 2nd Class, 3-Horse hitch, Serial #3043, 700-gpm (on the right)
Hose 3 (rig unidentified) is on the left  

Photo source: Unknown

  Former Station 3 as orginally constructed is shown in the 1900 image, with the station decked out for a national political convention  

Photo source: A. F. Raymond/Minnesota Historical Society

  Station 3 is shown in this image circa 1936  

Photo source: Sanborn

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

  Station 3 circa 1965  

Photo source: Peter von Bergen

  Former Station 3 in 2005. Building has been annexed to a local construcion firms offices next door to the station  

Photo source: StPFD

Engine 3,   1920 Ahrens-Fox JM3 Open Cab, 750 gpm pump, Apar. Serial# 970, 40-gal Chemical tank,

Shown in front of company quarters at Ramsey (now Grand) and Leech St (the building still stands). These magnificent rigs served St. Paul well for many years.
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 10
  • Engine 2

Photo source: StPFD

Engine 3,  1933 Luverne/StPFD Open Cab, 750 gpm pump, 145 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 3455, F#: 155  
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 1
  • Engine 6

Photo source: Jack Mersereau

Engine 3,  1951 Mack Semi-open, 1000 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 95LS 1230  

Photo source: Paul Barret

Engine 3,  1951 Mack Semi-open, 1000 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 95LS 1230  

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