St. Paul Former Fire Station_ 1 (1887-1965) and Apparatus

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St. Paul Former Station 1 (1887-1965)
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: Steve A. Skaar


425 Fort (Main) at 9th St. on s.w. cor.


Station has been razed

  • 1887-1865 - Engine 1
  • 1887-1965 - Ladder 1


Photo source: Unknown

Photo source: Minnesota Historical Society

  This is the earliest image of the former Station 1 we have ever viewed. This image turned up during a search in 2011 of the Minnesota Historical Society photo archives. It is the only view of the entire station that includes the entire roof. This view shows a steeper roof, two previously unseen chimneys, and the complete rear steeple. The photo date is unknown, but it must be prior to 1903.  

Photo source: Unknown

  Map of Station location from 1903 Sanborn Maps, Vol. 1, Sheet 9
Click here for a .PDF of the full map sheet


Photo source: StPFD Relief Assoc,. (Hennessey)

Engine 1,  1886 Ahrens Mfg., Engine 1st Class, 3-Horse hitch, Serial #483, 900-gpm

The Hose 1 rig (on the left) is unidentified  

Photo source: StPFD Relief Assoc,. (Hennessey)

Ladder 1,  1887 Preston City Service Ladder Truck, 3-Horse hitch, 55ft Ground Ladder, on the left  

Photo source: Richard N. Alderman

Hose 1,  1913 American LaFrance Open Cab, Apar. Serial# 368, 40-gallon chemical tank  
  • Served also as:
  • Hose 23
  • Hose 19

Photo source: Fire Museum of Maryland

Engine 1 Tractor,  1916 American LaFrance Open Cab, Apar. Serial# 10675, towing 1884 Ahrens Mfg. steamer #725  

Photo source: Duane Troxel Collection

Hose 1,  1932 Luverne Open Cab, 40 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 118, Rebuilt 1940 as hose, Shop# 266  
  • Served also as:
  • Squad 1

Photo source: Richard N. Adelman

Engine 1,  1951 Mack Semi-open, 1000 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# 95LS 1229

Engine 1 (in this delivery photo) received of the ten 1951 Mack 1000gpm pumpers. These classic rigs served the city well for many years. Several have been restored to mint condition.
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 13

Photo source: Duane Troxel Collection

Ladder 1,   1951 Seagrave Semi-open, 100ft, Apar. Serial# F3975, Tractor/trailer

This 1951 Seagrave 100ft tractor-trailer aerial ladder was assigned to Ladder 1 at Station 1, Ninth & Main. These rigs were part of a 1951 major new apparatus purchase that was comprised of ten engines, three ladder trucks and a squad.

Photo source: Steve A. Skaar

Engine 1,  1962 Mack C 95F Canopy Cab Frwd, 1000 gpm pump, 200 gal tank, Apar. Serial# C95F 1133, Shop# 209  
  • Served also as:
  • Engine 4
  • Engine 17

Photo source: Firefighters Museum Minneapolis

Utility 1,  1962 DIVCO Van, Air bottles, Shop# etc.

Refered to by some StPFD members as "The ice-cream wagon".

Photo source: Duane Troxel Collection

Utility 1,   1968 International Van, 1959 chassis  

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