St. Paul Former Fire Station_ 1 (1870-1887) and Apparatus

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St. Paul Former Station 1 (1870-1887)
and Apparatus (if available)


Photo source: Minnesota Historical Society


441 St. Peter St. Joined to Ladder 1 house, 1877


Station has been razed

  • St. Paul Hose 1 - 1870-1872
  • St. Paul S.F.E. 1 - 1870-1872
  • St. Paul Eng. 1 - 1872-1877
  • St.P.F.D. Engine 1 - 1877-1887


Photo source: Unknown

Ladder 1,  the former "Pioneer Hook &Ladder No. 1" with the 1873 Hannis truck using a two-horse hitch from the volunteer days when they were with St. Paul Hose Co. #1 sometime between 1874 &1877.  

Photo source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Engine 1,  1866, Silsby, Engine 2nd Class rotary, 2-Horse hitch, Serial #108, 700-gpm, -dubbed the 'City of St.Paul', it was the first steam fire engine in the state of Minnesota. This photo was taken at 'Seven Corners'. intersection of 7th Street and Kellogg Blvd.  

Photo source: Unknown

  Map of Station location from 1885 Sanborn Maps, Vol. 2, Sheet 29
Click here for a .PDF of the full map sheet

Note: North is rotated approx. 90 degrees counterclockwise on the full sheet map.


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