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Your query returned 5 extra alarm fires

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in February of 2015  

  St. Paul March 10, 2015 (Tue) 2400 Childs Road  
2nd Alarm ( 2.50) Occupied Commercial Building Run  
  Time Alarm Engines Ladders Squads Other Chiefs  
  0944 1st Alarm 8-15-7 7 Squad 1   Chf 3  
  0947 Sp. Call     Squad 2 HazMat2    
  0949 Sp. Call       HazMat1    
  0951 Working Fire 9 8   Med 10 Chf 2  
  1005 2nd Alarm 4-23 24     Deputy  
  1039 Sp. Call       Med 8    
  1049 Sp. Call 17-5          
  1131 Sp. Call   20   Maplewood Util/Air    

Saint Paul firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke coming from a multi-story sewage treatment plant building in a large multi-building complex. Crews laid multiple lines to master streams that were operated by Ladders 7, 8 and 24 to knock down fire on the roof of the plant. Four additional hand lines were set up to make an interior attack on this fire, which was suspected of having involved hazardous materials. It took Saint Paul firefighters approximately 46 minutes to knock down the fire. Both HazMat 1 and HazMat 2 were on scene to monitor air quality and to attempt to discern what possible chemicals were involved. A decontamination area was set up to wash down firefighters gear after they had extinguished the fire. Property damage was estimated at $1,500,000.00 and crews remained on the scene until 1327 hours.

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  St. Paul March 31, 2015 (Tue) 538 St Peter Street  
3rd Alarm ( 3.00) Occupied Apartment Building Run #9769
  Time Alarm Engines Ladders Squads Other Chiefs  
  1635 1st Alarm 8-15-4 8 Squad 3   Chf 2  
  1637 Working Fire 18 22     Chf 3  
  1639 2nd Alarm 5 18 Squad 1   Deputy  
  1641 Sp. Call       Med 22    
  1652 Sp. Call       Med 17    
  1644 Sp. Call       Med 6    
  1654 3rd Alarm 7-19 7        
  1657 Sp. Call       Med 8    

A call to 9-1-1 reported alarms sounding and heavy smoke in the hallway of a three-story apartment building. Arriving crews reported seeing flames from a second floor window on the Bravo side of the building. Crews deployed a 2-1/2 inch line from a ground ladder to initially knock down the fire. Other crews advanced a 2-1/2 inch line through the stairwell to the second floor. As crews extinguished the fire, they found a semi-concious man sitting on furniture with burns to his body. The victim was extricated from the building, taken to a medical rig and transported to Regions Hospital. Three other occupants were evacuated from the building and transported by medic crews to the hospital. Primary and secondary searches were completed. Most of the apartment doors had to be forced open on the second floor after occupants left their units by locking them. Once the fire was extinguished, extensive overhaul was required from firefighters as all floors required smoke ventilation. The building owner was on scene to help firefighters with opening doors on other floors to complte searches. One cat was resuscitated by firefighters and taken by animal control for safe keeping until the occupant could be released from the hospital. Fire losses were estimated to be $125,000.00 and firefighting crews remained on the scene until 1945 hours.

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  St. Paul April 1, 2015 (Wed) 398 Front Street  
2nd Alarm ( 2.25) Occupied Dwellings Run #9888
  Time Alarm Engines Ladders Squads Other Chiefs  
  1455 1st Alarm 18-8-15 18     Chf 2  
  1500 Working Fire 22 22 Squad 1 Med 24 Chf 3, Deputy  
  1507 Sp. Call   7 Squad 2      
  1514 2nd Alarm 4-5          
  1518 Sp. Call   8        
  1745 Sp. Call       Maplewood Util 317    

Crews arrived to find fire, caused by downed electrical wires that were arcing, had already ignited brush, a storage shed and was impinging on a garage. High winds caused the fire to quickly spread to 398 Front, three vehicles and a house at 402 Front. Engine 15, Squad 2, and Engine 8 all stretched 2-1/2 inch lines on arrival. Engine 18 and Squad 2‘s crews did a primary search of 398 Front. Engine 22 stretched two lines to try and control exposures and requested a feeder line. Squad 2 and Engine 18 then knocked down fire at 402 Front. Ladder 7‘s aerial was set up, along with Engine 22‘s deck gun to try and control further fire spread. When fire spread to a garage and shed at 382 Hatch Avenue, a second alarm was called for additional companies. Ladder 8 was additionally special called to assist companies at 382 Hatch. Excel Energy shut off the natural gas spread at 398 Front, which helped crews extinguish the fire there. Damage to 398 Front was estimated at $271,400.00, damage to 402 Front at $185,000.00, damage to 404 Front at $2,000.00 and damage to 382 Hatch at $4,000. Crews remained on the scene for an extended period of time.

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  St. Paul April 6, 2015 (Mon) 363 King Street  
2nd Alarm ( 2.00) Occupied Dwelling Run #?
  Time Alarm Engines Ladders Squads Other Chiefs  
  0116 1st Alarm 15-6-10 10 Squad 3   Chf 2  
  0129 Working Fire 8 8 Squad 1 Med 4 Chf 1  
  0149 2nd Alarm 15-8          
  0218 Sp. Call     Squad 2 Maplewood Util 317    

Crews were called to the 300 block of King Street for a report of flames from a dwelling. Engines 6 and 15 arrived to find the front porch of a large 2-1/2-story dwelling well involved in flames. Police confirmed that all residents were out of the dwelling. Crews made an exterior attack and requested a water supply. Engines 6, 15 and Squad 3 pulled attack lines. Engine 10 established a water supply. This fire quickly spread up into the attic area. Chief 2 requested the balance of the assignment. A second water supply was established. Ladder 10 raised their aerial and did searches. After knocking down exterior flames, crews then extinguished fire on the first and second floors and then in the attic area. This fire required extensive overhaul on all three floors. Damage was estimated at $246,000.00 and crews remained on the scene until 0352 hours.

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  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in May of 2015  

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in June of 2015  

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in July of 2015  

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in August of 2015  

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in September of 2015  

  St. Paul October 9, 2015 (Fri) 521 Barge Channel Road  
2nd Alarm ( 2.25) Occupied Commercial Building Run #32,837
  Time Alarm Engines Ladders Squads Other Chiefs  
  2337 1st Alarm 6-15-4 8 Squad 1   Chf 2  
  2348 Working Fire 8 8 Squad 3 Med 10 Chf 3, Deputy  
  2355 2nd Alarm 7 10 Squad 2 UtilAir    
  2359 Sp. Call   20        
  0011 Sp. Call 5-17          

Medic 6 was returning from a run and noticed smoke and flames coming from a commercial building and notified dispatch. Medic 6 returned to quarters and picked up their engine. When crews arrived on the scene there were already heavy flames through the roof of a recycling plant. Crews were in a defensive mode as they set up aerial ladder pipes to fight this well-involved commercial building fire. There were no water sources in the immediate area and firefighters had to lay 2500 feet of four-inch hose to supply water. This required two relay lines of three to four engines to relay water to the fire scene, causing the shutting down of nearby railroad tracks. Engines 4 and 15 laid a relay 4 supply line to Engine 6. Squad 1 pulled their 2-1/2 inch line to protect some fuel tanks on side C. Ladder 7 set up their aerial ladder pipe on side B. Ladder 20 was special called for its tower and Engines 5 and 17 were special called for assistance with the relay supply lines. Engines 5 and 7 relay supplied Ladder 7‘s aerial pipe. The cause of this fire was undetermined and declared as accidental. Damages were estimated at $1,300,000.00 to the building and contents and crews remained on the scene until 0549 hours.

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  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in November of 2015  

  St. Paul   There were no Extra Alarm Fires in December of 2015  

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