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St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Co. -- 5 Special Alarms
869 Hersey at Hampden
Apr. 15, 1969


  Photo: StPFD/Bill Masanz


St. Paul firefighters faced an almost impossible task when they responded to reports of a fire at the St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet Company, at 869 Hersey St. at Hampden. The fire alarm office had already received many calls reporting a visible fire. The three story wharehouse was well involved upon the arrival of fire companies, and a second alarm was requested immeadiately. A long task was ahead, as the building fully loaded with merchandise and structural collapses were in the offing. The fire would require a full five alarms worth of companies to bring under control, but not the building was severly damaged.

The original fire radio traffic of this fire can be found here in our historical radio section.

Note: This radio traffic was before the fire radio 'repeater' and before renumbering of the truck companies.


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Former Minneapolis Fire Station 9 opened August, 1885 Opened as Station K with Hose 9 as a member of the Minneapolis Volunteer Department. January 12, 1891 Department was reorganized, and became MFD Station 9. In 1886 Engine 9 went in service. April 13, 1910 Chemical 3 in service here also (disbanded October, 1911). June, 1926 Station closed and Engine 9 moved to Station 11. The building no longer exists.



St. Paul Former Staion 23 opened in 1922 quartering Engine 23 in the single bay station. The station closed in 1978 when the Engine company moved to the new Station 23 located at 1924 W. Como. The new station is about 5 city blocks distant from the former station. This former station one of the least architechturally interesting stations St. Paul ever built perhpaps due the economic trends of 1920's. Interestingly this former station replaced the 'former-former' station 23 which was one of the most interesting (an its identical sister former Station 14) ever built in St. Paul. The vacant former station building still exists today.



Minneapolis Station opened December, 1887 as Station "O" with Chemical 4. In February, 1888 Hose 14 placed in service and in June, 1888 Engine 14 now in service. On January 12, 1891 MFD Department was reorganized, and became MFD Station 14. ON March 13, 1940 Closed when new Station 14 opened. The building still stands today as a religous structure, but is almost unrecognizable as a former fire station.


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